Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you socialize with IG friends outside of IG?

Many of us have found our Instagram friendships transcending just connecting on Instagram alone. Many cities have InstaMeet-ups, PhotoWalks, or other in-person events (see earlier article by Joy & Jake below). Others have IG Pen Pals. I love finally connecting with people in person after getting to know them online, but that's not always possible because of distance. However, I have found a few other Social Media apps that expand my IG friends into other aspects of my life. Some friends have found me on FaceBook and Twitter, but since I'm hardly ever on either of those it may not really count as a connection.  Others actively challenge me in Words with Friends.  Path is an interesting app that, for me, is entirely made up of my Instagram pals and gives me different view into their lives. For one-on-one conversations, Kik is a popular instant messenger tool I've used to plan challenges or just chat. There's also Pinterest and others that I've used to expand my interactions with IG friends.

Recently I have grown to appreciate Google+, not for the same-old status updates, but because of the Google Hangout capability. We've been experimenting with HangOuts at work as a possible Internet-based communications and outreach tool and it is really cool. Best of all, it work on mobile devices really well. Up to 10 people can "hang out" together with camera and audio (think FaceTime but with 10 people at once and no WiFi requirement.)  In the near future I hope to organize an IGstyleguide HangOut for anyone interested in a virtual meetup where we can all appreciate (or laugh at) each other's funny accents.

Google+ Hangout with @rickcaffeinated
Do you stay connected with IG friends via Social Media or other ways outside of IG? What is working for you?

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  1. What a great article on IG friendships My days would be very boring if I did't have my random chats with my app friends. lol I've made lifelong friends for thanks to Instagram!



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